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went to the movie to think those street bludgers dazzle very much very cool BE?Go, in a couple of days I introduce you to go to black Long Tang, never regret."
In Li Yu a pleased:"Teacher, do you know black Long Tang's person?"
"There is the classmate of a cousin's wife exclusively collecting debt at black Long Tang, I say a words for you, can enter and then all depend on oneself."This boy still just the by all manners think how to mix an underworld, can't, have to let he the knowledge experience a true condition again say.
The hair person, who closes Mu cloud to pull and drag a summer however, pushes Sang Sang to come over here, although the summer however and in every possible way resists,the summer closes Mu cloud is in the bloody violence of hooligan a month enough to spare whet to do but the vehemence of make him can not resist at all.
"Nouveau riche dearly says with us in detail the affair of head-shaking pill."
"The nothing important says so much."The nouveau riche is still a dead spirit to live kind and pulls out the hand of cloud of switch Mu:"Drink at the bar, hear that this incitement made several grains, the effect wasn't bad."
"Is so?Is Chiu big strange talk's wanting to dismiss you quite good?Take a drug what result don't you know?Board of directors affirmation wants to get involved a survey in the afternoon, you say when the time comes is that he plants Zang frame-up and denies as far as possible, as for head-shaking pill, hereafter never touch.That thing can not have fun."
Summer however eyeful don't care:"Greatly not go to another school to read.Anyway my home has plenty of money."The words just finished saying he is frightened of discover the neck has already been learned a soldier by Liao, lift on the spot.
"No matter you have how much , turn to which school, let me discover that you are stained with head-shaking pill again, sink you into east to keep harbor to feed fish."
Say that finishing is loose to open a hand, summer however plop 1 sit to pour on the lawn and climb to run, pass Mu cloud wants to make track for, and old Liao stopped him.
In Li Yu very not Fen:"The teacher sees him that an attitude, the board of directors checks down, and affirmation will accuse falsely you to make him take the drug."
"Do not worry, since rich make him grow worse, that I make him poor.Liao's learning a soldier talking on the phone Zhao to come to week Anne is another.
Looking at the footman henchman of this nouveau riche in Li Yu, make the face leading the part do not, not understanding a teacher has to do what.
Liao learns a soldier let week where the chair sit in seat of honor bottom, the ice-cold stone chair arouses his body is one painting, "week Anne, was it what is the row to check till summer however a house?"
Li Yu moderates to close Mu cloud suddenly realize:"Originally week Anne is to put to however and nearby act from inside in summer, the teacher is indeed as expected ability to divine the unknown, admire."
Week where two class the inside hooligan grounds force to see bottom, don't dare to have surplus action, honesty answer:"Have been already known, summer however for showing the wealth of home, please me and Lin Xiao was several times willing to once visited, his house has already moved a lake road, in the gold color lake neighborhood."The district scenery of the gold color lake neighborhood is beautiful, the real estate is very worth money, the price is high, live the person over there don't enrich namely expensive, for example Smith's madam also lives over there.
It scolded 1 in Li Yu:"The nouveau riche taste pours quite good!"
Week Anne immediately after says:"His house bought the big villa of two sets of swimming pools, there are also four cars, pleased four bodyguards and ten maids, two drivers."
Scold again in Li Yu:"Hold!My house also includes a swimming pool, what does that calculate up?"
Week Anne doesn't dare to answer criticism, said 1:"In fact summer however the house is also not bad."Talking the idea of bottom BE, the house compares with his house to differ in your Li Yu too many.
"The useless talk doesn't have to be too many, his house is rich we all knew, the key was his house is how rich, this experience can get to study more study which."
Week Anne peeps out to recall a ground of air:"The summer however originally intended to invite a classmate to play to the jade Yu Qiong building on Saturday, but who don't also go, he in a pet want to open a small scaled party in the home and invited me and Lin Xiao be willing to, anyway nothing important person, very desolate, in addition to we still have a summer however of father mother, they talk all very polite, Be different from a summer however, eat afterwards, had fun late still and make us stay over there for a night, the room is also very good, with star class the hotel is just about, my house again nothing important money, can live room like this certainly very happy.The result is excited to sleep not wear, get up to urinate at the midnight,

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