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"Damn Jiang death class set, my Rao not you!"Resound through Mo in toilet the rant of Tai is always.
A student hums song son to walk into toilet Hua of urinate, Mo the Tai always extrude a door to sew, see isn't two years are two classes of people and entertained a silk of the end to hope:"Classmate can lend you a telephone to use for a while?"
"Is ashamed, my cellular phone expenses is expensive, easily and not and outside borrow."
"How much, I give you money!"
"100 piece."
Mo the Tai always just wanted to promise, that student in addition a "each 100 pieces, hand over money to hand over a telephone all alone all alone."
Does Mo Tai always connect to think that dead hearts all had, if he took the words of money to still use to bear with this Sa the toilet paper of the powder of Yang Yang?"Owe first, wait me right away and call a person to your money!"
"Just that student Wu's wearing a nose feeling doesn't don't wish handle knob machine to pass to him.
"Firewood the abyss of time, your his mama's where!Come over right away, my man's room in the No.1 teaching building first floor right side, carry money to come over with paper towel, more many more good!Right away!
However come of isn't a firewood the abyss of time, but his father's under charge is easily and rather.When this scene is also so many beyond the power to care why change a person, quickly work out a problem, the letting easily and rather gave several hundreds of beat his hair for that student to drop.That student was originally a pass Mu cloud sent come of, also no object.
"I won trap, you made the doctor rush through to come over right away.***, That helps a grandson really vexed.The student whom the garbage teaches out is also a garbage!"Mo always Tai head wrong dimmed eyesight and facial expression wax Huang, dry and cracked lips, all of the forehead are abnormal sweating, whole with on propping up with a hatred, have spirit to feebly scold.
The doctor soon arrive to and take a point medicine for him and saw tongue-coating again, pulse number, not from frightened to disgrace:"You have already severely punished debility, had better accept a treatment to the emergency room right away."
23 people hand him up the ambulance and drive fast.
Mo the Tai king always mourned a glucose, and then took medicine, no longer stomachache, just a little reply some spirit, see a car window to outside say:"I clearly remember that the hospital doesn't far leave a school and then have, how did you arrive to this city to come!E, you pull me to go home dry what?"
Easily and rather say with smile:"Young master, five Yes say the private doctor of home to your several what circumstance comparison understand so still go home to cure well."
The lord that faces lake don't the wild building hang up lanterns and festoons, a send pleased spirit ocean ocean, can see shadow of human figure Chuo Chuo through the glass act wall, candle rock, the joke of the flavor of the food and the happy voice of people far and far floats.
Mo always Tai full belly question:"What airplane is old headman in the home making?"The ambulance stops in the down stairs and came out from the side door the attendant of 56 fathers to lift him to go in.His whole body is weak and sore, the throat is hoarse gradually could not say words, protecting can allow ordering about of these people.He hardly goes home, even too clear to adornment none of layout of home.
Lord don't the wild hero building side door go in to pass hallway and arrived at one to repair gorgeous big room, there is large one in the room at of dressing table, up put various full cosmetics and tool, there are also four coat cabinets.Eight people at in respectully wait for.
This, two among those aren't silver the God takes charge of of disguise teacher and shape teacher?Do they run to do what?
Mo the Tai be always put in the chair, hesitate not certain, start to want to walk, two legs a soft, and then re- sat down, the soft Tan can not move on the chair.
"I ……" just came out a word, breathing tremor throat, then felt throat painful to get suffered.
Only shut up not to say.Have the father already collapsed Taiwan?
The next action of these people but make him puzzling more, a few menservants help him the sportswear on the body first to take off, the pants had no, and naturally the tremendous Xie exerts and spreads the bad smell of a burst of excrement.The menservants think that the Wu lives a nose, the but again doesn't dare, only the bitterness bitterness endures.The make-up man helplessly says:"Send to the wash Zao first."
Killed me!Mo always Tai again abashed again Nu, if you make a few women for me take a shower return nothing important, it happened that is a few big men to like.Like, you wait to see!
Make taking a shower of next door a washed whole body clean, connected a body don't stay some dirty mark as well, be drawn lot not to say by the man all over,

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